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Naturally, after spending last weekend baking and candy making, my mom figured the thing I want to do most once I got home for break was: bake a cake for Christmas Eve dinner.  Traditionally we have this with our family friends, and we always bring a cookie platter, but Mum wanted a cake or something else to go along with it, so here I am, melting more chocolate and crumbling more chocolate cookies.

Okay, you got me, I love it!  

Another family tradition is listening to the Clancy Brothers Christmas album.  It's a mad collection of Irish Christmas songs, but they also, apparently, love to bake, and there's a recipe for an Irish Pudding in the CD cover, though their directions are a bit...unorthodox.  For example, the first ingredient on the list is: two bottles of John Jameson Irish Whiskey.  Not for the pudding!  Well, a splash of it is.  More to brace the baker for the task at hand, like so:

First, pour yourself a strong two fingers of the creature and sip it while you contemplate the ingredients and generally get yourself together. (Note: a member of the opposite sex is always nice to have around when making a pudding and there is enough whiskey to be thoroughly convivial.)

They seem to have the right idea to me!  Now it's watching episodes of Father Ted with the brother while my cake bakes.  Merry Christmas Eve eve!


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